Organisation The Rigoletto Brothers
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Address [Unknown] Australia

Medlock and Marlowe

Tivoli Circuit (Australia) Pty Ltd

Bobby Limb and his Rocketeers

Eagle and Man

Harry Rickards' Tivoli Theatres Ltd

Les Thaika

Swanson Sisters

The Balladinis

The Big Four

The Redfern Rollers

The Rudas Dancers

Tivoli Ballet

Tivoli Orchestra

Winnetou and his White Squaw

Tivoli Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Tivoli Theatre (1893-1929), Sydney, NSW

Tivoli Theatre (1932-1969), Sydney, NSW

Edit Juhasz - Performer

Johnny Lockwood - Comedian, Performer

David N. Martin - Producer

Billy Rayes - Comedian, Performer

Rex Reid - Choreographer

Angus Winneke - Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Set Designer

Jackie - Animal Performer

Aimee - Comedian

June Barton - Performer

Anny Berryer - Performer

Fred Bluett - Comedian

Olivia Dale - Performer

Van Dock - Cartoonist

Raymond Ellis - Baritone

Doris Faye - Performer

May Foulds - Singer

Fransky - Dancer

Winnie Gill - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Larry Griswold - Comedian

Ralton R. James - Producer

Heath Joyce - Director

Billy Judge - Animal Performer

Dawn Lake - Performer

Alwyn Leckie - Performer

Bobby Limb - Performer

Vic Marlowe - Compere

Rae Morgan - Performer

Harold Moschetti - Composer

Mavis Nixon - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Maurice Nodin - Stage Manager

Johnny O'Connor - Performer

Judy Parker - Performer

Jimmy Parkinson - Performer

Reg Priestman - Dancer

Will Quintrell - Musical Director

Roy Rene - Comedian

A Robins - Circus Style Performer

Suga Rudas - Choreographer

Tibor Rudas - Choreographer

Darryl Stewart - Singer

Douglas Stuchberry - Performer

Norm Thorpe - Dancer

Frank Ward - Performer

Bob Young - Musical Director

Organisation Identifier 36109