Work The Don's Last Innings
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Country of Origin
  • Australia
Creator Contributors

The Lighthouse Acting Company

Festival of Sydney

Riverina Theatre Company

Sydney Theatre Company

Theatre South

Timothy Daly - Playwright

Wayne Harrison - Director

Gillian Jones - Actor

Jacqy Phillips - Actor

Geoffrey Rush - Actor

John Wood - Director

Robynne Bourne - Actor

Rex Cramphorn - Director

Peter Cummins - Actor

Angela Fewster - Playwright

Georges Feydeau - Playwright

Henry Fielding - Playwright

Robert Grubb - Actor

Giles Hamm - Playwright

Michael Jenkins - Director

Alan John - Actor

Russell Kiefel - Actor

Alan David Lee - Actor

Victoria Longley - Actor

Rhys McConnochie - Actor, Director

Stuart McCreery - Actor

Robert Menzies - Actor

Di Misirdjieff - Stage Manager

Robyn Nevin - Actor, Director

Julie Nihill - Actor

Louis Nowra - Director

Deidre Rubenstein - Actor

Michael Scott-Mitchell - Designer

Sam Shepard - Playwright

Bruce Spence - Actor

Linden Wilkinson - Playwright

Tennessee Williams - Playwright

The Wharf Theatre, Sydney, NSW

Bridge Theatre, Coniston, NSW

The Playhouse, Adelaide, SA

The Lighthouse, Adelaide, SA

Work Identifier 3253