Contributor Walter Howard
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Gender Male
Nationality British
Date of Birth 7 March 1866
Date of Death 6 October 1922
Functions Playwright
Notes Walter Howard was born in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, England. He was a writer and actor, known for Wanted: A Widow (1916), Two Little Drummer Boys (1928) and The Story of the Rosary (1920). Walter Howard was a highly recognized playwright of melodramas. He was a well-known actor and playwright in Great Britain and also Australia, where he had lived as a young man for several years. He had developed an international reputation as a playwright by 1917 with at least twenty plays to his credit.


Allan Wilkie - Director, Actor, Actor-manager

Frediswyde Hunter-Watts - Actor

A. H. Boswell - Actor

Master Corbett - Actor

Henri Dore - Actor

Vivian Edwards - Actor

Nellie Ferguson - Actor

Elwyn Harvey - Actor

Daisy Henley - Actor

Walter Hunt - Actor

Robert Inman - Actor

Edward Landor - Actor

Norman Lee - Actor

Lewis Lorraine - Actor

Walter Plinge - Actor

Reg Robins - Scenic Artist

Mabel Russell - Actor

P. V. Scully - Actor

Arthur Styan - Actor

H. W. Varna - Actor

J. Barry - Actor

Harcourt Beatty - Actor

Rutland Beckett - Actor

Tom Cannam - Actor

Madame Celeste - Costume Designer

May Congdon - Actor

Dina Cooper - Actor

D L Dalziel - Actor

Charles Dane - Actor

Jack Goodall - Actor

John Gunn - Producer

Winifred Gunn - Actor

Robert Henry - Actor

Ernest Higgins - Cinematographer

Tim Howard - Actor

Boyd Irwin - Actor

Wynne Jones - Conductor

Dorothy Judge - Actor

Nellie Kemberman - Actor

Julius Knight - Actor-manager

Prudence Laurence - Actor

Miss Le Sueur - Costume Designer

Herbert Leigh - Actor

Tom Leonard - Actor

Raymond Longford - Director, Scenario

Victor Loydell - Actor

Lottie Lyell - Actor

Mrs M'Cathie - Costume Designer

Augustus Neville - Actor

George Parke - Actor

Harry Saville - Actor

Mr Arthur Smith - Actor

Leopold Stach - Actor

C. R. Stanford - Actor, Director

Fred Twitcham - Actor

Charles Vane - Actor

Edward Vaughan - Scenic Artist

Conway Wingfield - Actor

Ben and John Fuller Limited

J. C. Williamson Limited (1910-1938)

Allan Wilkie Shakespearean Company

Alan Wilkie Company

Clyde Meynell & John Gunn

Spencer's Pictures Limited

William Anderson's New Dramatic Organisation

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