Contributor Madam Niobe
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Gender Female
Functions Performer
Notes Is she the Mermaid 1926??


George Brooke - Tenor

Edward Cahill - Pianist

Coram - Ventriloquist

Ernest Oram - Musical Director

Francois - Performer

Bluett - Comedian

Robert Butt - Stage Manager

Van Dock - Cartoonist

Banner Forbutt - Circus Style Performer

Leornard Gautier - Animal Wrangler

J. Grant - Stage Manager

Bruce Green - Singer

Ronnie Hay - Choreographer

Frankie Heath - Comedian

Marie Hollis - Dancer

Rod Holmes - Performer

Alec Kellaway - Performer

Betty Lambert - Dancer

Joe Lawman - Comedian

Rose Lee - Actor and Singer

Eddie Marcel - Comedian

Haley Markey - Acrobat

Jack Mortimer - Comedian

Ben Osborne - Dancer

Wallace Parnell - Producer

Fred Parsons - Writer

Nellie Perryer - Dancer

Will Quintrell - Conductor

Roy Rene - Comedian

Harry Rickards - Presenter

Peggy Ross - Comedian

Terry Scanlon - Comedian

Joe Sheftell - Producer

Lea Sonia - Gender Cross-dresser

Rex Story - Performer

Charles Taylor - Musical Director

Paul Terry - Cartoonist

Athol Tier - Comedian

Margery Vere - Accompanist

Tivoli Orchestra

Harry Rickards' Tivoli Theatres Ltd

Baggett and Sheldon

Bluett and Mo

Christo and Shand

Fables Studio

Katrina and Joan

Sun Yet Yin Company

The Clydellos

The Ghezzis

Tivoli Ballet

Tivoli Circuit (Australia) Pty Ltd

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