Organisation Friends of the State Opera of South Australia
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Address [Unknown] Australia
Functions Other, Presenting Company, Sponsor

The State Opera of South Australia

State Opera Chorus

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

State Opera Orchestra

The Elder Conservatorium of Music

Adelaide Youth Chamber Orchestra

Adelaide Youth Orchestra

Arts South Australia

Australia Council for the Arts

Lithuanian State Theatre

State Opera of South Australia Young Artist Studio

State Theatre Company of South Australia

Swell Productions

The Opera Conference

Young Artist Studio Program

Festival Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Opera Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Netley Studio, Netley, SA

Adelaide Festival Centre, Adelaide, SA

Barr Smith Reading Room, Adelaide, SA

The Opera Studio, Netley, SA

Union Hall, Adelaide, SA

David Brennan - Actor, Singer

Jon Draper - Choir Master/Mistress, Chorus Master/Mistress, Conductor

Thomas Edmonds - Actor, Singer

Keith Hempton - Actor, Singer

William Bamford - Actor, Singer

Myer Fredman - Conductor

Roger Howell - Actor, Singer

Ian McGrath - Lighting Designer

Rex Reid - Choreographer

Christine Rothauser - Costume Assistant, Lecturer

Pelham Andrews - Actor and Singer, Singer

Eleanor Blythman - Actor and Singer

Judith Branford - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Tom Brennen - Actor and Singer

John Cervenka - Designer

Alan Crooks - Actor

Grant Doyle - Actor and Singer

Lyn Fenney - Stage Manager

Desiree Frahn - Actor and Singer

John Greene - Actor and Singer

Ruth Gurner - Actor

Patsy Hemingway - Actor

Judith Henley - Actor, Singer

Anthony Hunt - Musical Director

Michael Kaempff - Stage Manager

Reece Keane - Actor and Singer

Patrick Lim - Artistic Director, Director

Thomas Millhouse - Actor and Singer

Timothy Sexton - Chorus Master/Mistress, Musical Director

Adrian Slack - Director

Jeremy Tatchell - Actor and Singer, Singer

Carolyn Vaughan - Actor

Isabel Veale - Actor

Laraine Wheeler - Lighting Designer

Graham Abbott - Conductor

Guiseppe Adami - Librettist

  • The Swallow, Festival Theatre, Adelaide, SA, 23 August 1978

John Axe - Set and/or Property Maker

Anthony Besch - Director

Daniel Bevan - Lighting Operator

Georges Bizet - Composer

John Bolton Wood - Singer

Tasso Bouyessis - Actor and Singer

Meran Bow - Actor and Singer

Peter Brayshaw - Assistant Stage Manager

Courtney Bridge - Actor and Singer

Kate Bright - Singer

June Bronhill - Actor

  • The Swallow, Festival Theatre, Adelaide, SA, 23 August 1978

Deborah Caddy - Actor and Singer

Lisa Cannizzaro - Actor and Singer

Penelope Cashman - Repetiteur

James Christiansen - Actor

Andrew Clarke - Actor

Gavin Clarke - Actor and Singer

Jim Coogan - Artistic Supervisor

Peter Cooke - Designer

Des Crocker - Set and/or Property Maker

Giovina D'Angelo - Costume Designer

Narelle Davidson - Singer

Graham Davis - Scenic Artist

Lindsey Day - Actor and Singer

Angela De Palma - Properties Master / Mistress

Jessica Dean - Actor and Singer

Kathryn Dean - Actor and Singer

Jessica Deane - Actor and Singer

Angela Denning - Actor

  • The Swallow, Festival Theatre, Adelaide, SA, 23 August 1978

Marie Docking - Lighting Designer

Robin Donald - Actor

  • The Swallow, Festival Theatre, Adelaide, SA, 23 August 1978

Stephanie Doust - Actor and Singer

Jacki Eads - Actor and Singer

Rachel Edwards - Assistant Director

Robert England - Actor and Singer

Heribert Esser - Conductor

Emma Foster - Actor and Singer

Steven Gallop - Singer

Alexandra Gard - Actor and Singer

Karl Geiger - Musician

Andrew Georg - Saxophonist

Peter Goers - Assistant Director

Adam Goodburn - Actor and Singer

Daniel Goodburn - Actor and Singer

Andrew Goodwin - Actor and Singer

Michael Gow - Director

Andrew Groch - Assistant Conductor

Hollee Guntner - Set and/or Property Maker

Wayne Hancock - Repetiteur

Geoffrey Harris - Singer

Jane Harris - Scenic Artist

Lyn Harris - Actor and Singer

Christopher Hassall - Translator

George Heap - Stage Manager

Naomi Hede - Actor and Singer

Lindsay Heesom - Musician

Daniel Helps - Actor

William Hennessy - Conductor

Ludwig Herzer - Librettist

Robert Hess - Translator

  • The Swallow, Festival Theatre, Adelaide, SA, 23 August 1978

Jonathon Holds - Stage Manager

Ingrid Homburg - Violinist

Prue Hompas - Actor and Singer

Maurice Howie - Actor

Bernard Hull - Singer

Jillian Hutchinson - Actor

  • The Swallow, Festival Theatre, Adelaide, SA, 23 August 1978

Giuseppe Iadarola - Actor

Deborah Johnson - Actor and Singer

Robert Kemp - Designer

Rollo Kiek - Lighting Designer

Henry Krips - Conductor

Teresa La Rocca - Prompt

Rosario La Spina - Singer

David Lampard - Director

Christa Leahmann - Actor

Yohan Lee - Drummer

Franz Lehar - Composer

Nigel Levings - Lighting Designer

Jamie Lewis - Lighting Designer

Michael Lewis - Singer

Andrea Licata - Conductor

Tom Lingwood - Designer, Producer

Fiona Linn - Actor and Singer

Fritz Lohner-Beda - Librettist

Branko Lovrinov - Actor and Singer

Bianca Mastroianni - Assistant Stage Manager

Tama Matheson - Director

Rachel McCall - Actor and Singer

Tom McDonnell - Actor

Andrew McGuiness - Singer

Barbara McSkimming - Actor

  • The Swallow, Festival Theatre, Adelaide, SA, 23 August 1978

David McSkimming - Singer

Jamie Mensforth - Bassist

Kevin Miller - Director

Loretta Mongelli - Violinist

Jess Nash - Stage Manager

Eunice Neale - Costume Assistant

Milijana Nikolic - Singer

David Parkin - Singer

Sarah Jane Pattichis - Actor and Singer

Francesco Maria Piave - Librettist

Katrina Picozzi - Actor and Singer

Cole Porter - Composer

Claire Primrose - Actor

Giacomo Puccini - Composer

  • The Swallow, Festival Theatre, Adelaide, SA, 23 August 1978

Alexander Pushkin - Poet

Marilyn Richardson - Actor

Sophie Riggs - Actor and Singer

Alison Robb - Set and/or Property Maker

Trevor Robb - Set and/or Property Maker

Gerry Roberts - Actor

  • The Swallow, Festival Theatre, Adelaide, SA, 23 August 1978

Anthony Roden - Actor

Rachel Rodwell - Percussionist

Heather Ross - Actor

Joshua Rowe - Actor and Singer

Beau Sandford - Actor and Singer

Mark Sandon - Repetiteur

Katrine Scotland - Actor

  • The Swallow, Festival Theatre, Adelaide, SA, 23 August 1978

Matthew Scott - Lighting Designer

Konstantin Shilovsky - Librettist

Ryan Simm - Percussionist

Bella Spewack - Author

Sam Spewack - Author

Bruce Stewart - Oboist

Gillian Sullivan - Singer

Daniela Taddeo - Assistant Director

Paul Talbot - Set and/or Property Maker

Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky - Composer

Mark Thompson - Designer

Megan Todd - Actor and Singer

Edmund Tracey - Translator

Will Traeger - Actor and Singer

Malcolm Upton - Musician

Vanessa van de Weyer - Assistant Stage Manager

Joshua Van Konkelenberg - Repetiteur

Denis Vaughan - Singer

Giuseppe Verdi - Composer

David Visentin - Actor and Singer

Hew Wagner - Actor and Singer

Robina Weir - Collaborator

Caleb Wright - Violist

Melisande Wright - Harpist

Sophie Yelland - Cellist

Nicole Youl - Singer

Andrew Young - Actor and Singer

Organisation Identifier 38848