Contributor June Mills
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Gender Female
Functions Comedian, Performer
Notes Advertised October 1923 as 'first time in Australia'



William Innes - Comedian

Peggy Brookes - Singer

Colin Crane - Baritone

Creighton - Performer

John Dobbie - Performer

Eddie Gaye - Performer

Bob Geraghty - Compere

Jim Gerald - Comedian

J. Grant - Stage Manager

Ronnie Hay - Choreographer

Evie Hayes - Performer

Jenny Howard - Comedian

Alec Kellaway - Comedian

Will Mahoney - Comedian

Nile Marsh - Performer

Ernest Oram - Musical Director

Wallace Parnell - Producer

Bob Parrish - Baritone

Fred Parsons - Writer

David Poole - Ventriloquist

Will Quintrell - Musical Director

Ada Reeve - Performer

J S Rendall - Administrator

Harrington Reynolds - Performer

Les Ritchie - Performer

Mavis Ritchie - Performer

Charles Taylor - Conductor

Lou Toppano - Musician

Mal Verco - Performer

Harry Wren - Producer

Tivoli Orchestra

Alene and Evans

Clifford and Grey

Cusko's Circus

Dancing Danburys

Harry Rickards' Tivoli Theatres Ltd

June and Cuddles

Les Nosellas

Musgrove Theatres Ltd

Stalac Brothers

The Hanlon Brothers

The Three Nitos

The Two Vagabonds

Tivoli Ballet

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