Contributor Donald Davies
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Gender Male
Functions Stage Manager
Notes Another entry for Donal Davies dated 1940 - 1975, similar roles. Possibly duplicate entry.


Stage Manager

Actor and Singer


Assistant Stage Manager


Ralton R. James - Producer, Presenter

Victor Moore - Actor and Singer, Performer, Actor

Angus Winneke - Designer, Set Designer

Lorna Beldon - Actor, Actor and Singer, Singer

Kathryn Crawford - Actor and Singer, Singer

Muriel Gardner - Actor and Singer, Dancer

Clifford Guest - Singer, Comedian

Jenny Howard - Comedian, Performer

Val Jellay - Dancer, Singer

Marvin Kane - Dancer, Compere

Barbara Mackay - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Babs MacKinnon - Actor, Actor and Singer

Buster Noble - Comedian, Performer

Roger Barry - Actor

Frederick Blackman - Producer

Dawn Butler - Choreographer, Actor and Singer

Robert Butt - Actor

Elimar - Circus Style Performer

Eddie Gordon - Comedian

Len James - Conductor

David N. Martin - Presenter, Director

Rene McKinnon - Actor

Terence Rattigan - Playwright, Author

Gracie Boyd - Actor, Performer

Frank Bradley - Actor

William Constable - Set Designer

Hilda Dorrington - Actor

Tuppy Downs - Performer, Choreographer

Keith Eden - Actor

Buster Fiddes - Comedian

Helen Frame - Costume Designer

Peter French - Actor

Lynne Golding - Dancer

Joyce Gration - Performer, Singer

Dana Kelly - Actor

Robert J Kerridge - Presenter

Bobby Le Brun - Comedian

Ben Lewin - Actor

Eddie Marcel - Skater, Performer

Ruby May - Actor

Pat McDonald - Actor

Doug McKinnon - Actor

Frederick McMahon - Actor

Harold Moschetti - Conductor, Musical Director

Helen Noble - Actor and Singer

Charles Norman - Actor

Diana Parnham - Actor

Dick Randolph - Actor

Les Ritchie - Performer, Actor

Bruce Skurray - Musician

Edwin Styles - Actor

E. J. Tait - Administrator

Frank S. Tait - Administrator

J. Nevin Tait - Administrator

John H Tait - Administrator

Leslie Victor - Actor

Slim Walker - Actor and Singer, Performer

Bettina Welch - Actor

Laura West - Actor

Joanna Wills - Actor

Dave Arthur - Banjoist

Geoffrey Ashton - Actor

Raymond Baird - Saxophonist

Morry Barling - Performer

Brian Barrie - Actor

Myra Bath - Actor

Joe Brennan - Performer

Geoff Brittain - Stage Manager

Fred Brown - Performer

Frank Bryan - Actor

Frank Bull - Actor

Joan Bullock - Actor and Singer

Billy Burke - Performer, Writer

Dudley Cantrell - Musical Arranger

Micky Carolyn - Performer

Nelson Clifford - Comedian

Michael Clothier - Actor

Alec Coppel - Producer

Henri Corette - Actor

Barbara Crompton - Actor

Paul Dalton - Magician

Helen de Paul - Performer

Pamela Dickens - Dancer

Bill Dixon - Set and/or Property Maker

Chung Doo - Singer

Vernon Driver - Actor

Dawn Emms - Performer

Ivy Emms - Choreographer

Nita Emms - Performer

Alf Eroni - Performer

Bert Eroni - Performer

Lulla Fanning - Actor and Singer

Bill Fleming - Properties Master

Nicki Gallucci - Singer

Keith Glover - Performer

Peter Goerecke - Actor, Set and/or Property Maker

Jack Gunn - Musician

Happy Hammond - Comedian

Sheila Helpman - Actor

Vassili Ilster - Accompanist

St John Irvine - Playwright

Keith Johns - Performer

Alec Kellaway - Producer

Robert Kimber - Director

Percy King - Adaptor, Producer

Alfred Latell - Animal and Bird Imitator

Eary Laurel - Comedian

Joe Laurel - Comedian

Joe Lawman - Comedian

Bert Leibner - Actor

Mary Leigh - Actor

Norman Lemon - Actor

John Low - Actor

Allen Lyne - Actor

Barbara Mackey - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Frenchy Manning - Circus Style Performer

Marie Marion - Comedian

Herbie Marks - Musician

Lennie McDermott - Singer

Isobel McIntosh - Actor and Singer

Babs MCkinnon - Performer

Thelma McLeod - Choreographer

Betty Meddings - Choreographer

Lindsay Monteath - Actor

Olive Newell - Dancer

Bronwyn Nicholas - Actor, Assistant Stage Manager

Paul Nursey-Bray - Actor

Johnny O'Connor - Singer

Anne O'Day - Actor

Bill O'Day - Actor

Tuppy Oliver - Performer

Ernest Oram - Conductor

Queenie Paul - Choreographer

Wayne Pelgrave - Assistant Stage Manager

Ronald Peterson - Actor

Billie Ponds - Performer

Geoffrey Pullan - Actor

Roseleen Ralph - Properties Master

Shirley Riddell - Dancer

Arch Ritchie - Performer

Mavis Ritchie - Singer

Kevin Roberts - Lighting Designer

Tibby Roberts - Comedian

Victor Roberts - Writer

Ronald Robinson - Set Designer, Director

Joy Robyns - Performer

Les Ross - Actor

Jan Rubini - Violinist

Evelyn Russell - Actor and Singer

Barry Sandford - Musician

Barbara Saunders - Actor

Maurice Sheard - Pianist

Charles Sherry - Set and/or Property Maker

Robert E Sherwood - Playwright

C. Ray Smith - Puppeteer

Roy Sparkes - Musician

John Stacey - Actor

John Stacy - Actor

Arthur Thomas - Actor

Wendy Thomas - Performer

Vivian Thompson - Singer

Katie Towers - Actor

Betty Treloar - Actor

Moreen Trickey - Performer

Peter Waddell - Actor

Denise Warren - Scenic Artist

Flo Watson - Actor

Bunny Westney - Performer

Sue Williams - Sound Designer

Don Williamson - Actor

Brian Wilson - Actor

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Tivoli Ballet

Tivoli Orchestra

The Flying de Pauls

Musical Macs

The Models

Whitehall Productions

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The Maxwells

J. C. Williamson Theatres Limited (1943-1976)

Levon and Leoni

The Crazy Gang

The Kermond Brothers

Tivoli Glamour Girls

Adelaide Repertory Theatre Incorporated

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Clay and Sullivan

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