Venue Paris Theatre
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Address 205-207 Liverpool Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Notes Opened in 1916 as the Australian Picture Palace. In 1935 it was renovated and became the Tatler Theatre. In 1952 Hoyts bought it and it was renamed The Park. In 1954 it became The Paris Theatre. Hoyts left in 1977 and the theatre continued to show cinema and live theatre before it was closed.
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Latitude | Longitude -33.8769681 | 151.2119533

All Together Now Enterprises

The Paris Company

Australian Performing Group

Circus Oz

Classic Corporation Pty. Ltd.

Dunsinane Enterprises

Glover, Hocking & Woods

The Actors' Company

Melody Cooper - Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Designer, Costume Designer

Johnny Allen - Director

Luciana Arrighi - Production Designer, Costume Designer

Keith Bain - Choreographer

Jack Caroleon - Performer

Jennifer Claire - Actor

Fingers De Main - Performer

Jono Enemark - Production Manager, Designer

Grant Fraser - Sound Operator/Engineer, Assistant Stage Manager

John Gaden - Actor

Fifi L'Amour - Performer

Boom Boom La Bern - Performer

John Paramor - Actor

Bill Walker - Lighting Designer, Stage Manager

Edna Ahern - Costume Co-ordinator

Anne Aitken - Costume Assistant

Kosta Akon - Set Designer

Cameron Allan - Musical Director

Diane Allman - Costume Assistant, Scenic Artist

Gordon Amey - Illusionist

Greg Anderson - Circus Style Performer

Robyn Archer - Composer, Playwright

Anthony Babicci - Scenic Artist

Graham Beatty - Head Electrician

Andrew Bell - Musical Director, Composer

Grahame Bond - Composer, Writer, Actor, Director

Dianne Bridson - Costume Assistant

Sue Broadway - Circus Style Performer

Jim Burnett - Writer

Cressida Campbell - Scenic Artist

Sally Campbell - Costume Maker

Stephen Champion - Circus Style Performer

Kai Tai Chan - Choreographer

Rose Chong - Costume Designer

Jonathan Ciddor - Lighting Operator

Geoffrey Clendon - Actor

Tim Coldwell - Circus Style Performer

Deborah Collins - Scenic Artist

Annette Cooper - Costume Maker

Peter Corbett - Actor

Peter Corrigan - Set and/or Property Maker

Rex Cramphorn - Director

Claire Crowther - Actor

Eamon D'Arcy - Assistant Designer

Danie Daems - Costume Assistant

Jack Daniel - Circus Style Performer

Judy Davis - Actor

Sarah de Jong - Composer

Andrew de Teliga - Musician

Peter Deane-Butcher - Musician

Rodney Delaney - Director

Simon Dennis - Stage Manager

John Dibley - Set and/or Property Maker

Arthur Dignam - Actor

Claire Dobbin - Performer

Steve Doran - Pianist

Elizabeth Drake - Performer

David Ellis - Bassist

Ray Elphick - Set and/or Property Maker

Tim Elston - Actor

John Enemark - Set and/or Property Maker

Rodney Fisher - Director

Kate Fitzpatrick - Actor

Maggie Fitzpatrick - Performer

Laurel Frank - Costume Designer

Mark Furneaux - Performer

Mark Furveaux - Performer

Kelvin Gedye - Sound Designer, Lighting Designer

Bruce George - Musical Arranger

Tom Gibbon - Illusionist

Mark Gould - Director

Peter Grace - Lighting Operator

Kim Gyngell - Actor

Paul Hampton - Director

Jon Hawkes - Circus Style Performer

Ponch Hawkes - Lighting Operator, Photographer

Bill Haycock - Assistant to the Designer

Nancye Hayes - Performer

Dorothy Hewett - Playwright

Rick Heywood - Assistant Stage Manager

Kim Hilder - Set and/or Property Maker

Brian Hocking - Set and/or Property Maker

Peter Holderness - Lighting Designer

Jenny Howard - Performer

Celeste Howden - Musician, Accompanist

Tim Hughes - Actor

Sue Ingleton - Performer

Paul Johnstone - Actor

Richard Jones - Assistant Stage Manager

Peter Kelly - Percussionist

Christine Koltai - Performer

Evelyn Krape - Performer

Robin Laurie - Circus Style Performer

Cedric Leeming - Designer

Jeannie Lewis - Performer

Margot Lindsay - Costume Designer

Alison Lockwood - Musical Director

Barbara Longley - Performer

Nicolas Lyon - Actor

Paula Martin - Scenic Artist

Graham Matters - Actor

Julie McGregor - Actor

David McKay - Scenic Artist

Robert Meldrum - Performer

Margaret Montez - Performer

Jane Mullett - Circus Style Performer

Michael Murray - Stage Manager

Linda Nagle - Assistant Musical Director

Igor Nagy - Scenic Artist

Robyn Nevin - Actor

Louis Nowra - Playwright

John O'Connell - Performer

Rory O'Donoghue - Musical Arranger

Geoff Oaks - Saxophonist

Bjarne Ohlin - Actor

Diane Panfili - Costume Assistant

Trina Parker - Set Designer

Del Phillips - Actor

John Pinder - Producer

Stephen Piper - Stage Manager

Warwick Powell - Assistant Stage Manager

Frankie Raymond - Performer

Neil Redfern - Actor

Roy Ritchie - Musical Director

Margaret Roadknight - Performer

Ian Robinson - Designer

Stephanie Robinson - Stage Manager

Geof Rumney - Stage Manager, Production Manager

Wendy Saddington - Performer

Camille Salavy - Costume Assistant

Dennis Scott - Performer

Jim Sharman - Director

Martin Sharp - Graphic Designer, Visual Artist

George Sima - Guitarist

Cliff Simcox - Scenic Artist

Ross Skiffington - Magician

Hellen Sky - Circus Style Performer

Denis Smith - Set and/or Property Maker

Steve J Spears - Actor

Mary-Lou Stewart - Actor

Peter Stokes - Actor

John Summers - Musician

Ned Sutherland - Guitarist

John Swanton - Drummer

Tony Taylor - Performer

Brian Thomson - Set Designer

Geoff Toll - Circus Style Performer

Geraldine Turner - Actor

May Turner - Actor

Ralph Tyrrell - Composer

Marcus Wakeley - Designer

Graeme Watson - Choreographer

Christine Wertheim - Costume Maker

Margaret Wertheim - Costume Assistant

Ben Wickham - Scenic Artist

Elizabeth Wilder - Actor

Ron Williams - Costume Designer

Tennessee Williams - Playwright

Robyn Wright - Costume Assistant

Venue Identifier 1467