Work A Taste of Honey
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Country of Origin
  • England
Creator Contributors

National Theatre Inc.

The Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust

The Independent Theatre Ltd

Theatre 62

Adelaide Theatre Group

Adelaide University Masquers Dramatic Society

Canberra Amateur Dramatic Society

Garnet H. Carroll

Larrikan Productions

The Actors' Company

The Arts Council of Australia

The Arts Council of Australia (South Australian Division)

The Group Theatre

The Hobart Repertory Theatre Society

The Trust Players

The University of Melbourne

Union Theatre Repertory Company

Shelagh Delaney - Playwright

Frank Baden-Powell - Director

Joan Bruce - Actor

Alan Cassell - Actor

John Lenton - Actor

Ron Reid - Designer

Jim Sharman - Lighting Designer, Director

Angela Watts - Actor

Bruce Williams - Actor

Peter Anderson - Actor

Robert Antill - Actor

Beryl Arnoldt - Properties Master / Mistress

Helmut Bakaitis - Actor

Alan Ball - Musician

Colin Ballantyne - Producer

Gordon Beatty - Stage Director

Clare Binney - Actor

Diane Chamberlain - Actor

Betty Cheal - Actor

Janne Coghlan - Actor

William Cole - Actor

John Croyston - Lyricist

John Cuffe - Actor

Jennifer Cullen - Actor

Leslie Dayman - Actor

Rodney Delaney - Actor

Nick Dunn - Actor

Bryan Edward - Production Manager

Marion Edward - Stage Manager

Lewis Fiander - Actor

Stuart Finch - Actor, Composer

Anne Fraser - Set Designer

Laurie Freeman - Set Designer

Jonathan Gavin - Director

Roberta Grant - Actor

Charles Haggith - Actor

Joan Harris - Actor

Martin Harris - Actor

Simon Hirst - Director

Dale Hocking - Assistant Producer

Quentin Hole - Designer

Graeme Hughes - Actor

Barrie Hunt - Lighting Operator

Tony Ingersent - Actor

Harry Jelfs - Assistant Producer

Bruce Kerr - Actor

Dawn Langman - Actor

Brigid Lenihan - Actor

George Liebmann - Lighting Operator

Robin Lovejoy - Director

Chris Marchant - Actor

Tom McCarthy - Actor

Dennis Miller - Assistant Stage Manager

Helen Morse - Actor

Dudley Mudgway - Properties Master / Mistress

Robyn Nevin - Actor

Betty Nicholson - Properties Master / Mistress

Matthew O'Sullivan - Director

George Ogilvie - Director

John Paisley - Actor

Frederick Parslow - Actor

Lee Pascoe - Actor

Ian Pearce - Musician

Wendy Pomroy - Musician

Miki Porter - Actor

Martin Redpath - Actor

Elga Skrastins - Actor

Ron Stodden - Electrician

John Strelnieks - Stage Manager

Walter Sullivan - Actor

Judith Symon - Prompt

Jacques Tarento - Actor

Anthony Thurbon - Actor

Jamie Unicomb - Actor

Doreen Warburton - Director, Actor

Bill Watt - Producer

Astrid Wells - Actor

Desmond White - Lighting Operator

Graham Williams - Actor

Playhouse Theatre, Perth, WA

Willard Hall, Adelaide, SA

Union Hall, Adelaide, SA

ANU Arts Centre, Acton, ACT

Backspace, Hobart, TAS

Loft Theatre, Kings Cross, NSW

South Australia, SA

Union Theatre, Parkville, VIC

Cell Block Theatre, Darlinghurst, NSW

The Playhouse Theatre, Hobart, TAS

Australia, [Unknown]

Palace Theatre, Sydney, NSW

Work Identifier 10923