Venue Cell Block Theatre
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Other Names East Sydney Technical College
National Art School
Address Forbes Street
Darlinghurst NSW 2010
First Date 1960
Notes Cell Block Theatre is a grand historic space in the heart of Sydney. Inside, the 10 metre high sandstone walls create the awed ambiance of a cathedral, an ambiance intriguingly inflected by its history as the women’s wing of the old Darlinghurst Gaol.
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Latitude | Longitude -33.879529 | 151.218115

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Russell Dumas - Performer, Choreographer, Dancer

William Schwenck Gilbert - Book and Lyrics, Playwright, Librettist

Lucy Guerin - Dancer, Performer

Margie Medlin - Lighting Designer, Performer

Arthur Seymour Sullivan - Composer

Margaret Barr - Director

Grahame Bond - Writer, Composer, Actor

Errol Bray - Director

Rebecca Hilton - Dancer

Tim Preston - Dancer

Carl Vine - Performer

Atif Abazov - Actor

William Abernathy - Producer

Judith Adcock - Dancer

Rafael Alcolea - Singer

Gaye Anderson - Actor

Inge Apelt - Actor

Geoffrey Atherden - Director, Writer

Helmut Bakaitis - Actor

Jennifer Barry - Dancer

Timothy Beal - Actor

Harry Belafonte - Composer

John Bell - Actor

Keith Birney - Actor

Joan Brassil - Performer

Bertolt Brecht - Playwright

Colin Bright - Composer

Miljenko Brlečić - Actor

Clifford Brown - Composer

Ratko Buljan - Actor

Neville Burns - Dancer

Alexander Buzo - Playwright

John Cameron - Director

Will Camps - Actor

Peter Carroll - Actor

Tony Challita - Flautist

Kristina Child - Actor

Kathy Coghill - Dancer

Patrick Connolly - Actor

Reg Coote - Musical Arranger

Martyn Corbett - Actor

Winifred Crogan - Set Designer

Don Crombie - Assistant Producer, Lighting Designer

Bobbie Cundell - Costume Designer, Dancer

Darko Ćurdo - Actor

Antonija Ćutić - Actor

Elizabeth Dalman - Dancer, Artistic Director, Choreographer

Michael Day - Set Designer

Dorothy de Guise - Actor

Janet Dearness - Actor

Shelagh Delaney - Playwright

James Dellit - Actor

Elizabeth Dempster - Performer, Choreographer

Grant Dodwell - Actor

John Doyle - Actor

Euripides - Playwright

Val Falloon - Actor

Judith Firth - Associate Producer, Costume Designer

Michael Freundt - Actor

Rosemary Fry - Actor

Sally Gardner - Dancer

John Garland - Actor

Clovice Ghuntous - Violinist

Colin Gibson - Stage Manager

Veronica Gillmer - Dancer

Jose Giraldo - Guitarist

Ray Godden - Actor

Tone Gogala - Actor

Michael Goodwin - Musical Director

Roberta Grant - Actor

John Gray - Actor

Vivien Grayson - Actor

Joan Grounds - Performer

Eddy Hackenberg - Stage Manager, Lighting Operator

Jennifer Hagan - Actor

Joan Halliday - Director

Rohesia Hamilton-Metcalfe - Lighting Designer

Suzanne Hancock - Dancer

George Frideric Handel - Composer

Julieanne Hansen - Dancer

Eve Hardwick - Actor

Liz Harris - Director

Martin Harris - Actor

Gabriel Heredia - Director, Dancer, Choreographer

Paul Herlinger - Actor

Daniel Hodson - Performer

Patricia Jensen - Performer

Dinka Jeričević - Designer

Stephen Jones - Performer

Dušan Jovanović - Playwright

Drazen Karapandza - Actor

Christine Keith - Dancer

Amelia Kerr - Actor

Edie Keuzer - Performer

Karen Kirkhoven - Choreographer

Kuniko Kisanuki - Dancer, Choreographer

Sue-Ellen Kohler - Dancer

Nada Kokotovic - Assistant Director

Igor Kovaceciv - Actor

Damir Kruhak - Sound Designer, Lighting Designer

John Krummel - Actor

Eileen Larkin - Costume Designer

Dragoljub Lazarov - Actor

Kath Leahy - Actor

Freda Lesslie - Actor

Kathy Lette - Playwright

Lesley Lindsay - Actor

Charles Little - Actor

Peter Lucas - Performer

James Lugton - Actor

Mungo B MacCallum - Writer, Director

Joe MacColum - Producer

Lesley Mackay - Actor

Helen Madgwick - Actor

Geoff Malloon - Actor

Chris Mann - Performer

Ned Manning - Actor

Lex Marinos - Director

Perica Martinović - Actor

Dominique May - Actor

Melissa McCoy - Actor

Mary McGrath - Actor

Malcolm McLeod - Designer

Shaun McLeod - Dancer

Gillian Millard - Dancer

Arthur Miller - Playwright

Ali Mohammed - Violinist

Meaghan Morris - Performer

Stephen Morrow - Tour Manager

Helen Morse - Actor

Branko Novkovic - Actor

Carol Nuttall - Costume Assistant

Michael Ondaatje - Playwright

Kath Parker - Stage Manager

Harry Partch - Composer

Glenn Perry - Writer

Narayan Pett - Tour Manager

Eleo Pomare - Choreographer, Costume Designer

Bisnja Postic - Costume Designer

Ivan Potas - Stage Manager

Tony Preece - Actor, Choreographer

Jennifer Preston - Dancer

Sian Pugh - Production Manager, Costume Co-ordinator

Iva Puhalo - Actor

Tina Puhalo - Actor

Vladimir Puhalo - Actor

Patricia Quin - Musical Director

James Quinn - Actor

Francois Rabbath - Composer

Ron Reid - Designer

Ljubisa Ristic - Director

Jack Ritchie - Set Designer

Kevin Roberts - Production Manager

Martial Rose - Adaptor

Peter Rowley - Actor

Mile Rupčić - Actor

Sonia Rutman - Stage Manager

Hugh Ryvers-Ellicott - Sound Designer, Lighting Designer

Bill Scarlett - Composer

Peter Sculthorpe - Composer

Rade Šerbedžija - Actor

Peter Serrano - Actor

William Shakespeare - Playwright

Jim Sharman - Lighting Designer, Director

Hugo Shaw - Costume Designer

Warwick Shillito - Dancer

Maria Shipley - Actor

Bessie Smith - Composer

Sasa Stanojevic - Actor

Graham Stewart - Set Designer

Sandra Stockley - Director

Jean Stuart - Director

Branko Supek - Actor

Ian Tasker - Director

Leonard Teale - Director, Actor

Bert Terborgh - Dancer

Anthony Thurbon - Actor

Christina Totos - Actor

Jaques van Eijden - Dancer

Sandor Veress - Composer

John Warnock - Actor

Peter Weir - Actor, Writer

Elizabeth West - Actor

Jane Westbrook - Director

Michael White - Actor

Peter Whitford - Actor

Joan Winchester - Actor

Robert Zubcsak - Guitarist

Venue Identifier 3555