Venue Elder Hall
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Address University of Adelaide, North Terrace
University of Adelaide SA 5005
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Latitude | Longitude -34.919939 | 138.604976

The Elder Conservatorium of Music

Adelaide University

The University of Adelaide

Elder Conservatorium Orchestra

The Adelaide Festival of Arts

Elder Conservatorium String Quartet

Elder Conservatorium String Orchestra

Elder Conservatorium Choral Class

Goldner String Quartet

The University of Adelaide Bach Choir

University Choral Class

The Lydian Singers

The Adelaide Harmony Choir

Elder Conservatorium Chamber Orchestra

The University of Adelaide Music Society

Adelaide Philharmonia Chorus

Elder Conservatorium Student Orchestra

Conservatorium Choral & Orchestral Classes

Conservatorium Ladies' Part Singing Class

Ladies' Part-Singing Class

This Is Not Art

Conservatorium Choral Class

Conservatorium Ladies' Part Singing and Orchestral Classes

Elder Conservatorium Opera Class

The Deller Consort of Singers

University of Adelaide Wind Quintet

Adelaide Choral Society

Adelaide Fringe Festival

Adelaide Philharmonic Choir

Australian Broadcasting Commission

Elder Conservatorium Opera Group

International Society of Contemporary Music

Janacek String Quartet

Musica Nova

The Adelaide Woodwind Quartet

The Austral String Quartet

The Sydney Chamber Music Ensemble

ABC Adelaide Singers

Adelaide Bank Charitable Foundation

Adelaide Literary Theatre

Adelaide University Chamber Orchestra

Adelaide University Choral Society

Australia Council for the Arts

Centre for the Performing Arts

Elder Conservatorium Junior Orchestra

Elder Conservatorium Singers

Musica Viva Australia

The Adelaide Orchestra

The Bell Canto Opera Co.

The Elder String Quartet

The State Opera of South Australia

The University Madrigal Society

University of Adelaide Chamber Orchestra

1er Prix de Conservatoire de Paris

Adelaide Central Community Health

Adelaide City Council

Adelaide Girls' High School

Adelaide Girls' High School Choral Group

Adelaide Glee Club

Adelaide Singers

Agricultural Bureau of South Australia

Arts SA


Australian Broadcasting Commission, Adelaide

Australian Music Examinations Board

Australian-Italian Association

Bethleham Lutheran Church Choir

Bohemian Choir

Bohemian Singers

Christian Brothers' College

Christian Brothers' College Choir

Church of the Epiphany, Crafers

Conservatorium Ladies' Choir

Czechoslovak Club of South Australia

Dante Alighieri Society of South Australia

Department of Music of the University of Adelaide

Elder Conservatorium Association

Elder Conservatorium Orchestral Classes

Elder Conservatorium Part Singing Class

Elder Conservatorium Pianoforte Quartet

Elder Conservatorium Senior Orchestra

Elder Conservatorium String Ensemble

Elder Conservatorium Symphony Orchestra

Federation of Netherlands Organisations in SA Inc

French and Italian Schools of the 17th and 18th centuries

Friends of the Art Gallery of South Australia

Gabrieli Consort and Players

Girls Choir from Walford House School

Girton School For Girls

Girton, St Peter's and Woodlands School Girls Choir

Helpmann Academy


King's College

La Societa Corelli

Latvian Mixed Choir

Leigh Warren and Dancers


Lutheran Singers

Melbourne Recital Centre

Nouvel Ensemble Moderne

Presbyterian Girls' College

Pro Canto Singers

Quatuor Olivier Messiaen


SA FM Radio

South Australian Ballet Club

South Australian Symphony Orchestra


Teachers' Training College Choir

The Bohemian Choir

The Conservatorium Singers

The Elder Trio

The Gawler-Barossa Oratorio Choir

The Government of South Australia

The Ormond Trio

The Pirie Street Methodist Church Choir

The Seymour Group

The South Australian Public Teachers' Union

The Tiger Lillies

Ukranian Male Choir

University Music Society

University of Adelaide Brass Ensemble

University of Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

Walford House School Choir

Wind Quartet of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra

Woodwind Ensemble

Johann Sebastian Bach - Composer

Ludwig van Beethoven - Composer

Johannes Brahms - Composer

George Frideric Handel - Composer

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Composer

Harold S Parsons - Accompanist, Cellist, Composer, Conductor, Musician, Orchestrator, Organist, Violinist, Violist, Vocalist

Felix Mendelssohn - Composer

Franz Schubert - Composer

Frederic Chopin - Composer

Robert Schumann - Company Manager, Composer

Lloyd Davies - Conductor, Musician, Orchestral Leader, Pianist, Violinist, Violist

Allan Giles - Accompanist, Composer, Musical Arranger, Musician, Pianist

Joseph Haydn - Composer

John Horner - Accompanist, Composer, Conductor, Lecturer, Musician, Organist, Pianist

Claude Debussy - Composer

Franz Liszt - Composer

Antonin Dvořák - Composer

Edvard Grieg - Composer

Sylvia Whitington - Musical Group, Musician, Orchestra, Orchestral Leader, Pianist, Violinist, Violist, Vocalist

J. Matthew Ennis - Accompanist, Composer, Conductor, Director, Musician, Organist, Pianist, Producer

Camille Saint-Saens - Composer

Harold Fairhurst - Composer, Conductor, Musician, Orchestral Leader, Violinist, Violist

Henry Purcell - Composer

Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky - Composer

Arthur Seymour Sullivan - Composer

Charles Gounod - Composer

Guli Hack - Composer, Conductor, Director, Musician, Singer, Vocal Arranger, Vocalist

Clemens Leske - Lecturer, Musician, Pianist, Violinist

César Franck - Composer

Dorothy Oldham - Accompanist, Pianist

Richard Wagner - Composer

Frederick Bevan - Accompanist, Chorister, Composer, Conductor, Director, Musician, Producer, Singer

Alison Holder - Accompanist, Musician, Organist, Pianist, Repetiteur

Josef Rheinberger - Composer

Lance Dossor - Musician, Pianist

Edward Elgar - Composer

Roger Quilter - Composer, Musical Arranger

Hermann Heinicke - Composer, Conductor, Musician, Violinist

Eugene Alderman - Composer, Conductor, Musician, Orchestral Leader, Violinist, Violist

Vivien Tuck - Accompanist, Pianist

Giuseppe Verdi - Composer

Enid Conley - Accompanist, Pianist

Michael Malycha - Accompanist, Composer, Musical Supervisor, Musician, Pianist

Bernard Vocadlo - Cellist, Composer, Musician

Ralph Vaughan Williams - Composer

J V Peters - Choir Master/Mistress, Conductor, Organist

Herr H Kugelberg - Cellist, Composer, Musician

Jules Massenet - Composer

Clarice Gmeiner - Musician, Violinist, Violist

Carl Maria von Weber - Composer

Max Bruch - Composer

Bryceson Treharne - Composer, Musician, Pianist

John Bishop - Conductor, Director, Pianist

Maurice Ravel - Composer

Arthur Williamson - Accompanist, Composer, Musician, Organist, Pianist

Herr Herren Heinecke - Conductor, Violinist

Richard Strauss - Composer

Martha Bruggemann - Musician, Pianist, Singer, Vocalist

Hilda Gill - Contralto, Mezzo-Soprano, Musician, Pianist, Vocalist

Herr I G Reimann - Accompanist, Musician, Pianist

Anton Rubinstein - Composer

Harold Wylde - Accompanist, Composer, Organist, Pianist

Muriel Cheek - Musician, Pianist, Recitation, Soprano, Vocalist

Christoph Gluck - Composer

Arthur Goring Thomas - Composer

Ladislav Jasek - Musician, Violinist

Raymond O'Connell - Composer, Pianist

Mary Pascoe - Musician, Violinist, Violist

Giacomo Puccini - Composer

H. Winsloe Hall - Accompanist, Assistant Conductor, Composer, Conductor, Orchestrator, Organist, Vocalist

Samuel Coleridge Taylor - Composer

Shelley Gunning - Cellist, Musician

Fritz Kreisler - Composer

Sergei Rachmaninoff - Composer

Henryk Wieniawski - Composer

Marie Bates - Actor and Singer, Cellist, Musician, Soprano, Vocalist

Katie Joyce - Musician, Singer, Soprano, Vocalist

Sigfrid Karg-Elert - Composer

Cleve Martin - Clarinetist, Musician

George Pearce - Accompanist, Musician, Pianist

David Powell - Musician, Violist

Hugo Wolf - Composer

Cécile Charminade - Composer

Nora Kyffin Thomas - Accompanist, Musician, Orchestral Leader, Violinist, Violist, Vocalist

Hilda Reimann - Musician, Video Director, Violinist

Dorothy Sawtell - Musician, Pianist, Violinist

Henri Vieuxtemps - Composer

Georges Bizet - Composer

Félix-Alexandre Guilmant - Composer