Work The Importance of Being Earnest
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Creator Contributors

Australia Council for the Arts

Melbourne Theatre Company

The University of Melbourne

The Victorian Ministry for the Arts


Duet Productions

The Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust

Duncan C. Weldon

International Concert Attractions

Canberra Repertory Society

Genesian Theatre Company Inc

Graduate Dramatic Society GRADS

New South Wales Ministry of Cultural Activities

Penrith City Council

Q Theatre Company

The Independent Theatre

University Dramatic Society

Adelaide University Dramatic Society

Candlelight Productions

Cooma Little Theatre

Festival of Sydney

Inter-Varsity Drama Festival

Malthouse Theatre

Marian Street Theatre Limited

Melbourne International Comedy Festival

New South Wales Government

Queensland Theatre Company

Sport for Jove Theatre Co.

State Theatre Company of South Australia

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Theatre Company

The Hobart Repertory Theatre Society

The Hole in the Wall Theatre Company

The University of Adelaide Theatre Guild

Union Theatre Repertory Company

Whitehall Productions

Wollongong Workshop Theatre

Adelaide City Council

Adelaide Festival Centre

Adelaide Repertory Theatre Incorporated

Beenleigh Theatre Group

Bendigo Theatre Company

Black Swan Theatre Company

Blackwood Players

Brisbane Festival

Broken Hill Repertory Society

Brough Comedy Company

Burnside Players

City Rep

Company B Belvoir

Cowra Musical and Dramatic Society Inc

Culture Link

Daw Park Players

Dodo Express

Effie Crump Theatre

  • Ernest, The Effie Crump Theatre, Northbridge, WA, 1 November 1994

FAMS Musical Society

Fancy Fish Theatre

Fortune Theatre Company

Free-Rain Theatre Company

Furies Theatre

Griffith University

Harvest Rain Theatre Company

Hayman Theatre @ Curtin

Independent Theatre

Katy Wild Production

Ku-ring-gai Municipal Council

Launceston Players

Lee's Theatre Club

Mason-Miller Pty Ltd

Mayfair Theatre Company

Melbourne City Council

Melbourne French Theatre

Midsumma Festival

Mordialloc Theatre Company

Murwillumbah Theatre Company

N@sh Theatre

National Arts Council, Singapore

National Theatre Inc.

New Theatre (Sydney, N.S.W.)

Newcastle City Council

Newland Productions

Newman College Dramatic Society, Melbourne

Noarlunga Theatre Company

Nowra Players

Orange Theatre Company

Perth Repertory Club

Pocket Playhouse

Q Theatre Company

Queensland Government

QUT Academy of the Arts

Radio 2UE 954

Repertory 200

Rough and Tumble Theatre Company

Sherbrooke Theatre Company

Singapore Airlines Ltd

South Coast Choral and Arts Society

St Martin's Theatre Company

Stirling Players (WA)

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

Sydney University Dramatic Society (SUDS)

Tasmanian Theatre Company

The Adelaide Festival of Arts

The Commonwealth Savings/Trading Bank of Australia

The Douglas Theatre Arts Group

The Genesian Players

The Independent Theatre School of Dramatic Art

The Mayfair Light Opera Society Inc.

The MLC Theatre Royal Company

The Old Tote Theatre Company

The Peninsula Theatre Company

The Richmond Players

The Theatre on Chester

The Therry Dramatic Society Inc.

The University of New South Wales Drama Foundation

Three River Theatre

Tin Alley Players

TN Theatre Company

Tour de Force

Tropic Line Theatre Company

University of New South Wales

University Theatre Ensemble

Upstage Youth Theatre


Wild Rice

Oscar Wilde - Playwright, Writer

Jamieson Lewis - Lighting Designer

Bob Hornery - Actor

Jane Menelaus - Actor, Accompanist

Simon Phillips - Director

Geoffrey Rush - Actor

Tony Tripp - Designer

Ruth Cracknell - Actor

Monica Maughan - Actor

Peter Roehlen - Production Manager

Kerry Saxby - Electrician, Sound Designer

Andrew Barker - Stage Manager

Garth Browne - Stage Manager, Unknown

Helen Buday - Actor

Jackie Nieuwenhuizen - Assistant Stage Manager

Richard Piper - Actor

Frank Thring - Actor

Colin Alexander - Electrician

Elizabeth Vodicka - Assistant Stage Manager

James Bean - Actor

Zoe Atkinson - Designer

Jo Currey - Lighting Designer

David Goddard - Actor, Director

Jonathan Haynes - Adaptor, Actor, Devisor, Composer, Sound Designer

David Malacari - Lighting Designer

David Woods - Actor, Adaptor, Devisor, Composer, Sound Designer

Dame Hilda Bracket - Actor

Norman Coates - Designer

Robin Cuming - Actor

Catriona Gillies - Actor

Douglas Hedge - Actor

Dr Evadne Hinge - Actor

Brian McNevin - Actor

Lou Stein - Adaptor, Director

Kaye Tuckerman - Actor

Judy Kelly - Adaptor, Director, Devisor

Rachel Szalay - Actor

Andrew Tighe - Actor

Maggie Blinco - Actor

Mr Carey - Actor

Gordon Chater - Actor

Alistair Cowie - Actor

Essie Davis - Actor

Beverley Dunn - Actor

Jonathan Elsom - Actor

Theo Fraser Steele - Actor

Ron Hackett - Actor

Emily Howe - Actor

Elaine Hudson - Director, Actor

Kevin Jackson - Actor

Barbara Jefford - Actor

Sarah Kants - Actor

Andrew Kay - Producer

John Leonard - Sound Designer

Christopher Morahan - Director

Alistair Petrie - Actor

Peter Rice - Designer

Patricia Routledge - Actor

Ilona Sekacz - Composer

John Turner - Actor

Jenny Watt-Tanner - Actor

Duncan C. Weldon - Producer

Gae Anderson - Actor

Vicki Benjamin - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Dion Boucicault Jnr - Director, Actor

Robert Brough - Actor

Bill Conn - Actor

Trevor Connell - Assistant Stage Manager, Lighting Designer, Photographer

Judy Davis - Actor

T. S. Eliot - Writer

Miss Faber - Actor

Mr Hards - Actor

Alexander Hay - Director

Libby Higgin - Stage Manager

Joe James - Actor

Mr McIntyre - Actor

Raymond Omodei - Director

Cheryl Pike - Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Costume Co-ordinator

Fiona Press - Assistant Stage Manager

Leone Sharp - Properties Master / Mistress, Designer

Scott Sheridan - Actor

Betty Tougher - Actor

Marco Vanderfelt - Set and/or Property Maker

Doreen Warburton - Actor

Mr Ward - Actor

Richard Wilkinson - Assistant Stage Manager

Craig Ashley - Actor

Bronte Axam - Stage Manager

George Banders - Actor

June Barnes - Director, Actor

Peter Bathurst - Actor

Susan Benfer - Stage Manager

Brian Bergin - Producer

Janet Bitter - Actor

Martin Bleby - Actor

Rosalind Bunting - Scenic Artist

David Cahill - Actor

Linda Campbell - Actor

Colleen Clifford - Actor, Producer

Morson Clift - Costume Designer

Peter Collingwood - Director, Actor

Keith Conlon - Actor

William Constable - Set Designer

Ian Cookesley - Production Manager

Katherine Crawford-Gray - Assistant Stage Manager

Harry Cudish - Actor

Erifilli Davis - Actor

Jenny Davis - Actor

Chris Dick - Actor

H Diederichsen - Musical Director

Anne Doherty - Actor

Hilda Dorrington - Actor

Bryan Edward - Actor, Production Manager, Stage Manager

Lawrence English - Composer, Sound Designer

John Farndale - Actor

Vi Flynn - Costume Designer, Costume Maker

Anna Gardiner - Costume Designer

Hilda Goodwin - Actor

John Gregg - Actor

Jill Griffith - Actor, Front of House

Matt Hammond - Director

Miss Hill - Actor

Thelma Hosking - Actor

Irene Inescort - Actor

Sian James-Holland - Lighting Designer

Terry Karabelas - Assistant Director

Bill Kay - Stage Manager

Jude Kelly - Director, Devisor, Composer, Sound Designer

Deborah Kennedy - Actor

Patricia Kennedy - Actor

Louise Le Nay - Actor

Fleur Lee - Actor

Drew Livingston - Composer

Claire Lovering - Actor

James Lugton - Actor

Renee MacKenzie - Actor

Graham Maclean - Designer

Charles McCallum - Actor

Joan McConnell - Producer

Julie McGregor - Actor, Accompanist

John Milson - Director

Julia Moody - Voice Coach, Actor

Jocelyn Moon - Actor

Miss Noble - Actor

Dennis Olsen - Producer, Actor

Jeremy Page - Production Manager

Frederick Parslow - Actor

Malcolm Phillips - Actor

Redmond Phillips - Actor

Giles Playfair - Actor, Producer

Bryan Probets - Actor

Stephen Ramsey - Actor

Alan Rankin - Actor

Ben Ridgwell - Actor

Kathleen Robinson - Actor

Damien Ryan - Director

Berynn Schwerdt - Actor

George Bernard Shaw - Playwright, Writer

Harry Short - Stage Manager

Dave Stalley - Sound Designer

- Steen - Director

Georgie Sterling - Actor

Simon Stollery - Dialect Coach, Actor

Wendy Strehlow - Actor

Jess Swafford - Actor

Miss Talbot - Actor

Nan Taylor - Actor

Barbara Taylor-Cannon - Actor

Neville Teede - Actor

Douglas Thompson - Actor

Alan Tobin - Actor

Jenny Tonkin - Actor

Michael Trigg - Tour Manager

Aaron Tsindos - Actor

Leslie Victor - Actor

Thelma White - Costume Designer

Eloise Winestock - Actor

Eugene Wong - Producer

Barbara Wyndon - Actor

Felicity Abbott - Actor

Jim Adamik - Actor

Bruce Adie - Set and/or Property Maker

Kilmeny Adie - Director

Andy Aisbett - Actor

Felicity Albrecht - Director

Dennis Allen - Director

Marc Allen - Actor

  • Ernest, The Effie Crump Theatre, Northbridge, WA, 1 November 1994

Stephen Amos - Stage Manager

Leah Anderson - Director

Graham Andrew - Actor

Patricia Andrews - Actor

Lois Angus - Actor

Margaret Anketell - Actor

John Appleton - Actor

Lee Ardlie - Actor

Meredith Arnold - Set Designer

Crystal Arons - Director

John Ash - Actor

Les Asmussen - Actor

Yasir Assam - Actor

Joan Athersmith - Properties Master

Norman Athersmith - Actor

Pattie Atherton - Costume Assistant

Geoffrey Atkins - Actor

Margaret Atkinson - Actor

Anthony Auckland - Director

Lee Audlie - Actor

Audrey Auld - Lighting Operator

James Bailey - Director, Actor

Kerin Bailey - Musical Director

Helmut Bakaitis - Actor

Anne-Marie Bakewell - Set Designer

Hilary Bamberger - Actor

Paul Barbary - Actor

Emma Barber - Director

Emily Barclay - Actor

Don Barker - Actor

James Barkway-Jones - Actor

Rosemary Barr - Actor

Natalie Bate - Actor

Paula Bate - Stage Manager

Phyllis Bateman - Actor

Scott Battersby - Actor

Andrew Batty - Actor

Thelma Baulderstone - Actor

Joy Baxter - Actor

Bruce Beeby - Actor

Roland Beech - Actor

Sophie Benassi - Actor

Louise Bennet - Actor

Rodney Bennett - Actor

Peter Bensley - Actor

Tim Benzie - Actor

Luke Berman - Actor

Louis Bernard - Actor

Diane Berryman - Actor

Peter Bertoni - Actor

Heather Bester - Actor

Jim Bettison - Lighting Designer

Daniel Bevan - Lighting Operator

Jonathan Biggins - Actor

Kali Birks - Director

Paul Bishop - Actor

Alan Black - Actor

Jennie Blackwood - Stage Manager

Anthony Boden - Actor

Eugenie Bond - Actor

Michael Borthwick - Actor

Melinda Boston - Costume Co-ordinator

Rebecca Bowden - Actor

Emily Bowman - Actor

Pip Boyce - Director

Terri Brabon - Actor

Jack Bradford - Director

Liz Bradley - Actor

Emma Bradshaw - Actor

Terry Brady - Actor

Patrick Brammall - Actor

Margo Braybrook - Administrator

Ken Brearley - Lighting Operator

Victoria Bremner - Actor

Kevin Brennan - Producer

Phoebe Briggs - Composer

Geordie Brookman - Director

Mrs Robert Brough - Actor

Adrian Brown - Actor

Beth Brown - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Colin Brown - Production Manager

Russell Brown - Set Designer

Sue Brown - Costume Assistant

Michael Bruer - Stage Manager

Kieran Bullock - Actor

Diana Buratto - Properties Master / Mistress

Mark Burian - Director

David Burney - Producer

Judy Butler - Set and/or Property Maker

Jodie Buzza - Actor

  • Ernest, The Effie Crump Theatre, Northbridge, WA, 1 November 1994

Mr Cairns - Actor

Zoe Caldwell - Actor

Charles Calvert - Graphic Designer

Reg Cameron - Actor

Elizabeth Campbell - Actor

Katrine Capps - Actor

Andrew Carr - Actor

Neva Carr Glyn - Actor

Cathy Carroll - Set Designer, Assistant Director

Trevor Carroll - Set Designer, Director

Adrienne Carvell - Actor

Max Cassidy - Stage Manager

Ruth Cassidy - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Margaret Cawdle - Actor

Crispian Chan - Actor

Mac Chan - Lighting Designer

Elizabeth Chance - Actor

Judy Chapman - Costume Assistant

Pauline Charleston - Actor

Kate Cherry - Director

Jenny Clark - Actor

Peter Clark - Director

Debbie Clarke - Actor

Robert Clarke - Actor

Harvey Clarkson - Actor

Faith Clayton - Actor

Alison Cleaver - Actor

Mark Cleghorn - Actor

Alicia Clements - Set Designer

Lucy Clifford - Actor

Sue Climas - Stage Manager

Andrea Close - Actor

Andrew Coates - Director

Mary Coatman - Actor

Abby Coleman - Actor

Cindy Coleman - Musical Supervisor

John Coleman - Set and/or Property Maker

Harry Collins - Producer

Alan Collis - Actor

Mark Conaghan - Actor

Peter Cooke - Designer

Tony Cooper - Actor

Paul Corcoran - Actor

Malcolm Cork - Actor

Bruce Cornelius - Director, Designer, Actor

Miss Cornish - Actor

Linda Corrin - Actor

John Cousins - Actor

Phillip Cowie - Actor

Harriet Craig - Actor

Jill Crichton - Director

Rebecca Crofton-Atkins - Costume Designer, Designer

Ann Croger - Actor, Director

Rob Croser - Director

Brian Crossley - Director

Anne Croswell - Book and Lyrics

Lesley Crump - Actor

John Cuffe - Actor

Audrey Cunningham - Actor

Noel Cunnington - Set and/or Property Maker

Lynette Curran - Actor

Adriane Daff - Actor

Vanessa Dalgleish - Set and/or Property Maker

Sandie Daly - Lighting Designer

Tim Dashwood - Actor

Angus Davidson - Actor

Bernie Davis - Actor

Pat Davis - Stage Manager

Rebecca Davis - Actor

Robert Davis - Actor

Zoe Davis - Actor

Brittany Daw - Actor

Stuart Day - Composer

Georgiane Deal - Stage Manager

Moya Deigan - Editor

Rodney Delaney - Director

Edward Dembowski - Set Designer

Maylise Dent - Actor

Tom Dermody - Actor

Nigel Devenport - Actor

James Dibble - Actor

Krystiann Dingas - Actor, Producer

Janice Dinnen - Actor

Catherine Doherty - Assistant Stage Manager

Anthea Dowling - Musician

Sydney Downie - Actor

Jeanette Drake - Actor

Rose Dravitzki - Assistant Stage Manager

Michael Duffield - Actor

George Duncan - Actor

Carmel Dunn - Actor

Bill Dunstone - Actor

Drew Dwyer - Actor

Suzanne Dyer - Actor

Veronica Dzelde - Actor

Paul Eddey - Actor

Judith Eddie - Actor

Anne Edmonds - Actor

Stan Edmonds - Actor

Marion Edward - Stage Manager

Alan Edwards - Director

Norma Edwards - Assistant Stage Manager

Diane Elliott - Actor

Sue Elliott - Designer

Vivienne Ellis - Publicist

Chua Enlai - Actor

Janine Evans - Actor

Penny Everingham - Actor

Colin Ewings - Designer

Sue Ey - Actor

Mathew Fargher - Actor

Lionel Farrell - Actor

Eddy K Fatha - Actor

Liz Ferguson - Actor

Lynn Ferguson - Costume Designer

Brendon Fernandez - Actor

Barbara Ferrier - Producer

Ron Field - Stage Director

Robert Findlay - Producer

Sarah Finigan - Actor

Simon Fisher - Actor

Doris Fitton - Director

Barbara Fitzgerald - Actor

Kate Fitzpatrick - Actor

Rosalie Fletcher - Actor

Peter Flett - Actor

Brendon Flynn - Actor

Victor Forstmann - Set and/or Property Maker, Set Designer

Jason Forte - Actor

Patrick Foster - Graphic Designer

Frederique Fouche - Actor

Sam Franks - Director

Anne Fraser - Costume Designer, Set Designer

Julie Fraser - Technician

Christopher Fry - Writer

Lucy Fry - Actor

Sally Fudge - Actor

Lyn Gale - Costume Co-ordinator

Brady Gambling - Actor, Assistant Director

Gary George - Actor

Thomas Georgeson - Actor

Ash Gibson Greig - Sound Designer

Alan Glover - Actor

Brian Godfrey - Actor

Elizabeth Godfrey-Smith - Actor, Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Glen Goei - Director

Kevin Goerecke - Producer

Rex Gofton - Actor, Producer, Set Designer

John Goldsmith - Actor

Lucy Goleby - Costume Designer

Joyce Goodes - Costume Designer

Ray Goodlass - Director

Trevor Gosbell - Actor

Stan Gottschalk - Production Manager

Althea Gould - Properties Master

Jack Gow - Actor

Michael Gow - Director

Justin Gray - Actor

Simon Greer - Actor

John Grinston - Actor

Adam Grossetti - Actor

Jenna Grosvenor - Stage Manager, Lighting Operator, Lighting Designer, Set Designer

Lloyd Grosvenor - Actor

Miss Grubb - Actor

Hilary Guest - Actor

Yasmin Gurreeboo - Assistant Director

Trevor Guy - Actor

Penne Hackforth-Jones - Actor

Ron Haddrick - Actor

Tom Hadley - Actor

Jennifer Hagan - Actor

Glen Hall - Actor

  • Ernest, The Effie Crump Theatre, Northbridge, WA, 1 November 1994

Janice Hall - Actor

Rod Hall - Actor

Mr Halliday - Actor

Stuart Halusz - Actor

Jack Ham - Director

Marieka Hambledon - Actor

Julie Hamilton - Various

Steve Hamilton - Actor

David Hancock - Front of House

Jane Harders - Actor

Gabi Harding - Stage Manager

Jonathan Hardy - Director

Katharine Hardy - Actor

Mary Hardy - Actor

John Hargreaves - Actor

Nick Hargreaves - Actor

Ben Harnwell - Actor

Lyn Harnwell - Actor

Daphne Harris - Actor

Janice Harris - Actor

Joan Harris - Actor

Peter Harris - Set Designer

Tweed Harris - Actor

Byron Harrison - Actor

Doreen Harrop - Actor

Alton Harvey - Actor

Joseph Hasham - Actor

Albert Havard - Actor

Juliet Hayday - Actor

Nancye Hayes - Actor

Alex Hayley - Assistant Stage Manager

Max Height - Actor

Jack Heist - Actor

Bil Heit - Actor

Ivan Heng - Actor, Set Designer

Barbara Henshaw - Actor

Peter Henson - Costume Co-ordinator, Designer

Heather Heron - Actor

Ruth Hessey - Actor

Melanie Hibberd - Production Supervisor

Brett Hicks-Maitland - Actor

Terry Hickson - Actor

Beverley Hill - Designer

Lorraine Hillard - Stage Manager

Lawrence Hinwood - Actor

Gerald Hitchcock - Actor

Leong Hoi - Production Manager

Rhys Holden - Director

Mogens Holt - Director

Kimberley Hopkins - Publicist

Brian Horan - Actor

Kathleen Horan - Continuity

Peter Hoult - Actor

Edward Howell - Actor

Hazel Howson - Actor

Doreen Hucklesby - Actor

Nathanial Hueppauff - Actor

Gerry Hughes - Sound Operator/Engineer

Graeme Hughes - Actor

Len Hughes - Actor

Steven Hughes - Director

Anthony Hunt - Actor

Pat Hutchinson - Actor

Keith Hutton - Actor

Thanh Huynh - Stage Manager

Emma Hynes - Actor

Reba Ide - Actor

Arina Ii - Actor

Andrew Inglis - Actor

Ellis Irving - Actor

Lizzie Jackson - Assistant Stage Manager

Meredith Jacob - Actor

Gweltaz Jacq - Actor

Susanne Jahnel - Actor

Joseph James - Actor

Stephen James - Actor

Peter-William Jamieson - Actor

Mary Jarvis - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Bill Jeffrey - Assistant Stage Manager

Henry Jennings - Director

Colleen Johnston - Costume Designer, Properties Master

Craig Johnston - Stage Manager, Actor

Gregory Johnston - Actor

Roma Johnston - Actor

Richard Johnstone - Lighting Operator

Peter Joucla - Director, Musical Director

Khail Jureidini - Assistant Director

Henry Justo - Violist

Paul Karo - Actor

Caroline Kaye - Actor

Cyril Keightley - Actor

Fay Kelton - Actor

Robert Kemp - Designer

Liam Keneally - Violinist

Maree Kennedy - Director

Maggie King - Actor

Patsy King - Actor

Darryl Knapp - Actor

David Knijnenburg - Actor

Paul Kooperman - Playwright

  • Ernest, The Effie Crump Theatre, Northbridge, WA, 1 November 1994

Paul Krieg - Director

Scott Kuhlmann - Lighting Designer

Susie Laloz - Production Manager

Edward Lansdowne - Actor

Darrell Lass - Designer

Terence Lau - Technical Director

Debbie Law - Properties Master / Mistress

Andrew Lawlor - Actor

Hayley Lawson-Smith - Actor

Michael D Lawton - Stage Director, Lighting Designer

Sarah Lawton - Assistant Stage Manager

Marian Lazarus - Set Designer, Set and/or Property Maker

Robin Le Blond - Lighting Designer

Maxine Le Guier - Stage Manager

Jodie Le Vesconte - Actor

Claire Leahy - Actor

Lindy LeCornu - Actor

Frederick Lee - Costume Designer

Mr Lee - Actor

Tracey Lee - Actor

Myles Leon - Production Manager

Joey Leonard - Actor

Hossan Leong - Actor

Liz Lewinski - Properties Master / Mistress

Duncan Ley - Actor

Ashley Lim - Hair Stylist

Loretta Lipworth - Assistant Designer, Stage Manager

Reg Livermore - Actor

John Lockley - Actor

Michael LoMonaco - Actor

Michael Loney - Actor

Tracy Grant Lord - Costume Co-ordinator

Enid Lorimer - Actor

Robin Lovejoy - Designer

Frances Lovick - Properties Master / Mistress

Polly Low - Actor

Barry Lowe - Playwright

Michael Lynch - Actor

Joan MacArthur - Actor

Keith Macartney - Actor

Joyce Macfarlane - Production Manager

Gayle MacGregor - Costume Co-ordinator

Alanna Maclean - Lighting Designer

James Maclean - Designer

Joseph Macnab - Actor

Matthew Maidment - Actor

Sabrina Manac'h - Actor

Peter Mann - Director

Jill Manson - Assistant Stage Manager

Keith Manson - Actor

Amanda Maple-Brown - Actor

Christopher Marlowe - Writer

Clare Marriott - Actor

Jean Marshall - Director

Marii Marshall - Actor

Amy Marsland - Actor

Geof Marsland - Actor

Lois Masters - Actor

Craig Mather - Actor

Stephen Mattias - Actor

Mimi Mattin - Costume Assistant

Marie Maumill - Actor

Barbara Maxwell - Actor

John Maxwell - Actor

Rona Mc Mahon - Costume Assistant

Ida McCann - Actor

Rachael McCormack - Actor

Emma McCulloch - Director

Andrew McFarlane - Actor

Benedicta McGeown - Set Designer, Director, Costume Co-ordinator

Ross McGregor - Director

Mark McInnes - Director, Actor

Chris McKay - Director

Caroline McKenzie - Actor

Sally McKenzie - Actor

Sandra McKenzie - Composer

Angus McKinnon - Actor

Kevin McLaren - Technician

Marc McLeish - Lighting Designer, Sound Designer

Diana McLeod - Actor

Elizabeth McMahon - Assistant Stage Manager

Ian McMaster - Actor

Alison McMichael - Actor

Sarah McNeill - Actor

  • Ernest, The Effie Crump Theatre, Northbridge, WA, 1 November 1994

Robyn McRae - Lighting Operator, Production Manager

Valerie Melrose - Actor

Carolyn Mesecke - Actor

Brinley Meyer - Actor

Joe Mezzino - Assistant Producer

David Michel - Actor

Josh Mickle - Actor

Caroline Mignone - Actor

Clare Milazzo - Properties Master / Mistress

Jenny Miller - Lighting Designer, Sound Designer

Kirrilee Miranda - Actor

Gaynor Mitchell - Actor

Irene Mitchell - Director

Mr W Moffitt - Actor

Karis Mond - Director

Margaret Monk - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Julien Monnier - Actor

Monique Monnier - Actor

Neil Moon - Actor

John Moore - Actor

Val Moore - Actor

Tim Moran - Actor

Mark Morgan - Production Manager

Brian Morley - Actor

Simon Morrison-Baldwin - Actor

James Morrissey - Actor

Paula Morrissey - Actor

Gwenda Moverley - Actor

Annette Mowatt - Actor

Rebekah Muller - Actor

Allen Munn - Actor

Frederick Munro - Actor

Ben Murphy - Technical Director

Karen Murphy - Actor

Joan Murray - Actor

Bruce Myles - Actor

Ray Nash - Actor

Richard Neate - Actor

Graham Nerlich - Actor

Chris Neuenkirchen - Lighting Operator

Deborah Neville - Actor, Assistant Stage Manager

Don Neville - Producer

Melissa New - Actor

Valerie Newstead - Actor

John Norman - Actor

Gavin Norris - Lighting Designer

Lloyd Norris - Actor

Brendan O'Brien - Set and/or Property Maker

Phil O'Brien - Actor

Philippa O'Brien - Designer

Anna O'Connor - Director

Brian O'Connor - Actor

Peter O'Dare - Director

Bill O'Day - Actor

Helen O'Grady - Actor

Pam O'Grady - Actor

Nathan O'Keefe - Actor

Cameron O'Reilly - Set Designer

Anne O'Shaughnessy - Sound Operator/Engineer

Peter O'Shaughnessy - Actor

Mollie O'Sullivan - Stage Director

Braeden Oakley - Sound Operator/Engineer, Lighting Designer

Grace Oliver - Actor

Bob Olmanis - Designer

Madeleine Orr - Actor

Matt Osbourne - Lighting Designer

Yalin Ozucelik - Actor

Janine Paine - Costume Assistant

Norm Palazzi - Stage Manager, Actor

Nita Pannell - Actor

Bruce Parr - Actor

Fifi Parrey - Actor

Ailsa Paterson - Designer

Steve Peake - Sound Operator/Engineer

Nigel Pearn - Actor

Johnathan Peck - Actor

Lionel Peisley - Assistant Stage Manager

Don Pelgrave - Actor

Chris Pendlebury - Actor

Richard Percy - Stage Manager

Lachlan Peter - Actor

Pauline Philip - Actor

Bob Philippe - Director

Betty Phillips - Actor

Don Phillips - Sound Artist

Mike Phillips - Assistant Stage Manager

Harry Phipps - Actor

John Pierce - Set and/or Property Maker

Amanda Pile - Actor

Janette Pitcher - Actor

Lee Pockriss - Composer

Emily Pollard - Actor

Gaye Poole - Actor

Stephen Popowski - Actor

Jennifer Press - Actor

Cate Prestige - Actor

David Pross - Actor

Angela Punch McGregor - Actor

Nick Purtle - Actor

  • Ernest, The Effie Crump Theatre, Northbridge, WA, 1 November 1994

Robert Quentin - Director

Kirsty Radestock - Actor

Margaret Rawlinson - Stage Manager

Prasaanth Reddy - Actor

Martin Redpath - Actor

Marie Redshaw - Actor

David Reed - Actor

Dorothy Reed - Actor

Peter Rees-Lee - Actor

Richard Reeve - Actor

Julian Regan - Actor

Gary Rens - Actor

Kristin Reuter - Properties Master / Mistress

Lance Reynolds - Actor

Tracey Rice - Stage Manager

Florrie Richards - Actor

Mr Richards - Actor

Rosemary Ricketts - Actor

Barbara Ridley - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Robert Ritson - Actor

David Roach - Actor

Jan Roberts - Actor

Richard Roberts - Set and/or Property Maker

Ian Robertson - Assistant Stage Manager

Phil Robertson - Pianist

Mary Robin - Actor

Clare Robinson - Actor

Ellen Roe - Actor

Neil Roe - Set and/or Property Maker

Desmond Rolfe - Actor

Wanda Romaine - Actor

Marie Rosenfeld - Actor

Darryl Rosin - Lighting Designer

Lauren Ross - Assistant Set Designer

Tamara Ross - Actor

Lyndel Rowe - Actor

Violet Rowe - Costume Designer

Kenneth Rowell - Designer

Leigh Rowney - Actor

Peter Rowsthorn - Actor

Suzanne Roylance - Actor

Sue Russell - Costume Designer

Laurie Ryan - Actor

Lawrence Ryan - Actor

Robyn Ryan - Costume Designer, Director, Actor, Producer, Properties Master

Peter Sands - Production Supervisor

Jake Sanger - Set and/or Property Maker

Jasan Savage - Actor

Francesca Savige - Actor

Rachel Scane - Designer

Toby Schmitz - Actor

Joan Schneider - Actor

Alex Scott - Actor

David Scott - Actor

Graham Scott - Actor

Henry Scott - Actor

Matt Scott - Lighting Designer

Lisa Scott-Murphy - Movement Director

Alan Scully - Actor

Rachel Scully - Actor

Sheree Sellick - Actor

Melanie Selwood - Stage Manager

Nigel Sense - Graphic Designer

William Shakespeare - Writer

Sharon Shanahan - Actor

Prof. Edward Shann - Director

Duncan A. Sharp - Director

Julian Sharp - Cellist

Lindy Sharp - Actor

Fay Sharpe - Actor

John Sharpe - Actor

Gordon Sheldon - Actor

Paul Shelford - Actor

Dudley Shiel - Actor

Stephen Shinkfield - Set Designer, Actor

Lee Shipley - Lighting Designer

Maria Shipley - Actor

Ethel Shippen - Actor

Claudene Shoesmith - Actor

Robert Shurman - Set and/or Property Maker

Elizabeth Silsbury - Musical Advisor

John Simmons OAM - Lighting Operator

Natalie Simon - Actor

Kathy Sims - Actor

Catherine Singline - Actor

Matt Skalicky - Sound Designer

Alan Smith - Head Mechanist

Douglas Smith - Designer

Mervyn Smith - Actor

Shirley Smith - Actor

Vicki Smith - Director, Sound Designer, Set Designer

Ian Souchard - Actor

Keith Sowell - Actor

Michael Sparks - Set Designer

Anthony Speed - Actor

Clarke Staker - Set and/or Property Maker

Hatty Starr - Composer

Anna Steen - Actor

Babette Stephens - Actor

Jill Stephens - Stage Manager

Audrie Stern - Actor

Kaye Stevenson - Actor

Sophie Stewart - Actor

Ron Stodden - Electrician

Eric Stone - Actor

Narelle Stone - Actor

Gabrielle Stranger - Assistant Stage Manager

Robert Street - Actor

Tahnee Stroet - Actor

Emilia Stubbs Grigoriou - Actor, Producer

James Stubbs Grigoriou - Actor

Eda Sudder - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Lim Kay Sui - Actor

Trent Suidgeest - Lighting Designer

Paul Sulzberger - Actor

Ivan Sumelj - Actor

John Sumner - Set Designer

Peter Sumner - Actor

Michael Sutton - Stage Manager

Glenn Swift - Actor

Joan Sydney - Actor

Georgina Symes - Actor

Peter Szota - Actor

Lydia Taberski - Sound Operator/Engineer

Shah Tahir - Sound Designer

Charles Tasman - Actor

Jennie Tate - Set Designer

Brendon Taylor - Actor

Leith Taylor - Actor

Madeline Taylor - Costume Cutter

Tony Taylor - Actor

Peter Telford - Lighting Designer

Thien Thai - Producer

Grant Thompson - Actor

Veronica Thompson - Stage Director

Keith W Thomson - Producer

Mick Thornton - Publicist

David Thring - Actor

John Tilden - Actor

Jill Timbs - Actor

Pippa Tooher - Administrator

Katrina Torenbeek - Designer

Yoshi Tosa - Designer

Kieran Tracey - Actor

Vaughan Tracey - Actor

Frank Trappes - Mechanist

Lyn Treadgold - Actor

Tony Trickett - Producer

Johnny Van Gend - Violinist

Ben Van Rijswijk - Lighting Designer

Pat Vice - Actor

Wayne Wagg - Photographer

Knox Walker - Actor

Rory Walker - Actor

Vern Wall - Set and/or Property Maker

Brian Wallace - Actor

Pamela Wallace - Actor

Peter Wallbank - Actor

Cecil Ward - Actor

Geoffrey Ward - Lighting Designer

John Warnock - Actor

Barry Warren - Set Designer

Duncan Wass - Actor

Ann Weaver - Director

Bob Weaver - Sound Operator/Engineer

Joanna Webb - Actor

Kay Weideman - Actor

Brad Weightman - Actor

Stig Wemyss - Director

Dennis Went - Director

Caroline Whamond - Designer

George Wheadon - Stage Manager, Set and/or Property Maker

Christie Whelan-Browne - Actor

Katy Whil - Actor

Damien White - Director

Julia Whittle - Actor

William Whittle - Actor

Pauline Whyman - Actor

Ole Wiebkin - Set Designer

Elizabeth Williams - Costume Designer

John Williams - Actor

Doris Willis - Assistant Stage Manager

Geoff Willis - Stage Director

Bob Wilson - Actor

Peri Wilson - Actor

Rod Wissler - Director

Leo Wockner - Actor

Natasha Wolff - Actor

Cecil Woodroffe - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Rosemary Worboys - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Martin Wright - Actor

Neville Wuttke - Actor

Gavin Yap - Actor

Daniel York - Actor

Charles Zara - Accompanist

Union Theatre, Parkville, VIC

Independent Theatre (1939-1977), North Sydney, NSW

Playhouse (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW

Genesian Theatre, Sydney, NSW

Playhouse (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW

Her Majesty's Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Adelaide, Adelaide, SA

Chapel Off Chapel, Prahran, VIC

Playhouse, South Bank, QLD

Comedy Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Her Majesty's Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Regal Theatre, Subiaco, WA

Theatre Royal (1976- ), Sydney, NSW

Regal Theatre, Subiaco, WA

The Old Dolphin Theatre, Crawley, WA

Adelaide, Adelaide, SA

Princess Theatre (1886- ), Melbourne, VIC

Mayfair Academy Theatre, Goodwood, SA

Theatre Royal (1976- ), Sydney, NSW

Comedy Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Playhouse, South Bank, QLD

St Martins Theatre, South Yarra, VIC

Drama Theatre (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW

Twelfth Night Theatre, Bowen Hills, QLD

The Playhouse Theatre, Hobart, TAS

The Hole in the Wall Theatre, Leederville, WA

Mayfair Academy Theatre, Goodwood, SA

St Martins Theatre, South Yarra, VIC

Drama Theatre (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW

Twelfth Night Theatre, Bowen Hills, QLD

Wollongong Workshop Theatre, Wollongong, NSW

Union Hall, Adelaide, SA

Warrnambool Regional Performing Arts Centre, Warrnambool, VIC

Playhouse, Melbourne, VIC

Bankstown Town Hall, Bankstown, NSW

Crete Street Theatre, Beenleigh, QLD

Bendigo Bank Theatre, Bendigo, VIC

Heath Ledger Theatre, Northbridge, WA

Tower Arts Centre, Daw Park, SA

Police Boys' Club Theatrette, Broken Hill, NSW

Opera House, Southbank, QLD

Lentara Community Centre, Magill, SA

Theatre 3, Acton, ACT

Albert Hall, Yarralumla, ACT

Canberra, Canberra, ACT

Promethean Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Belvoir Street Theatre, Surry Hills, NSW

Snowy Hall, Cooma, NSW

Monaro Hostel, Cooma North, NSW

Cowra Civic Centre, Cowra, NSW

SPF Hall Repat Hospital (enter gate 8 ), Daw Park, SA

Bruce Gordon Theatre, Wollongong, NSW

Canberra Theatre, Canberra, ACT

Rialto Theatre, West End, QLD

Civic Theatre, Auckland, New Zealand

The Effie Crump Theatre, Northbridge, WA

Saint Alban's Anglican Church Hall, Frenchs Forest, NSW

Como House, South Yarra, VIC

The Playhouse, Civic Square, ACT

Courtyard Studio, Civic Square, ACT

Exchange Hotel, Balmain, NSW

The New Dolphin Theatre, Crawley, WA

Sydney Street Theatre, New Farm, QLD

Hayman Theatre, Bentley, WA

Cement Box Theatre, St Lucia, QLD

Marian Street Theatre, Killara, NSW

National Theatre, Launceston, TAS

Q Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Merlyn Theatre, Southbank, VIC

Newcastle Civic Theatre, Newcastle, NSW

Octagon Theatre, Crawley, WA

Collingwood College Theatre, Collingwood, VIC

Sumner Theatre, Southbank, VIC

Geelong Performing Arts Centre, Geelong, VIC

Portland Civic Hall, Portland, VIC

J. B. Osborne Theatre, Kangaroo Flat, VIC

Shirley Burke Theatre, Parkdale, VIC

Murwillumbah Civic Centre, Murwillumbah, NSW

Visible Ink, Fortitude Valley, QLD

Playhouse Theatre, Perth, WA

New Theatre, Sydney (1973-), Newtown, NSW

Bondi Pavilion, Bondi Beach, NSW

The Arts Centre Port Noarlunga, Pt Noarlunga, SA

The Players Theatre, Bomaderry, NSW

Orange Civic Theatre, Orange, NSW

Marsden Theatre, Parramatta, NSW

Perth, Perth, WA

Pocket Playhouse, Sydenham, NSW

Q Theatre, Penrith, NSW

SGIO Theatre, Brisbane, QLD

QUT Academy of the Arts, Kelvin Grove, QLD

New South Wales, NSW

Brisbane Powerhouse, New Farm, QLD

Beckett Theatre, Southbank, VIC

Grace Darling Hotel, Collingwood, VIC

Doncaster Playhouse, Doncaster, VIC

Victor Harbor Town Hall, Victor Harbor, SA

Leura Park Estate, Curlewis, VIC

Bella Vista Farm, Bella Vista, NSW

Dunstan Playhouse, Adelaide, SA

The Playhouse, Adelaide, SA

Stirling Theatre, Innaloo, WA

Theatre Royal (1875-1972), Sydney, NSW

Tasmania, TAS

Arts Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Alexander Theatre, Clayton, VIC

Old Tote Theatre, Kensington, NSW

The Clink Theatre, Port Douglas, QLD

Sydney Radio Theatre, Sydney, NSW

Nth Narrabeen Community Centre, North Narrabeen, NSW

Richmond School of Arts, Richmond, NSW

Chester Street Uniting Church Hall, Epping, NSW

Willard Hall, Adelaide, SA

Little Theatre, Adelaide, SA

The Hut, The University of Adelaide, SA

His Majesty's Theatre, Perth, WA

Wangaratta Town Hall, Wangaratta, VIC

West Gippsland Arts Centre, Warragul, VIC

Wonthaggi Community Arts Centre, Wonthaggi, VIC

Ararat Performing Arts Centre, Ararat, VIC

Albury Civic Theatre, Albury, NSW

Nhill Community Centre, Nhill, VIC

Earl Arts Centre, Launceston, TAS

Wilton's Music Hall, London, England

Townsville Civic Theatre, South Townsville, QLD

Arts II, Crawley, WA

Geology Laboratory, Irwin St, Perth (UWA), Perth , WA

Perth Town Hall, Perth, WA

Riverina Playhouse, Wagga Wagga, NSW

Gracemere Gardens, Woodville, NSW

Minerva Theatre (1939-1950), Kings Cross, NSW

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